I have experience from my four years on City Council, as your Mayor /councilmember and five years on the Environmental Planning Commission, working with surrounding city's to find regional solutions on Housing and Transportation.
Along with my business knowledge as a small business owner of the local BASKIN ROBBINS and my Business degree from UC Berkeley and a Certified Public Accountant certificate

I have a solid understanding of what it takes to be a financially strong city.

Having live in Mountain View for 59 years, raising a family here,

being a long time school volunteer, raising thousands of dollars for school and community benefits, coaching youth sports and being an advocate for neighborhoods.

I have gotten to know the people and the social institutions .

and I share the same values as you.

I have seen the synergy that has given the city is character, charm and compassion. With all the economic and social issues, pulling the city in multiple directions I am concerned that we may lose sight of what makes Mountain View a great city.
I have the time, energy and the resources to be fully committed.
I will be your voice and make sure that residents' views and concerns are heard.

I am dedicated to the residents of Mountain View and have no higher political ambition than to serve the residents of Mountain View.

I am running to protect and enhance these values.

Please vote for me,

John McAlister

Mountain View City Council

‚ÄčPriorities for a high quality of Life

As someone who is raising a family, owns a Mountain View business, and has deep roots in Mountain View, I see the following solutions to preserving our quality of life:


  • Diverse housing stock for all income levels for present and future generations
  • Ensure that new developments are compatible with surrounding neighborhoods

Reduce traffic congestion

  • Work with regional transportation authorities and local corporations to provide an efficient transportation system
  • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, including safe routes to school
  • Reduce commuter cut-through traffic through our neighborhoods
  • Improve mass transit on El Camino with solutions that don't impact our local streets. So far it does not make sense to me to implement bus-only lanes.

Neighborhood preservation

  • Growth where appropriate

Maintain neighborhood character

  • Increase open space


  • Work to reduce greenhouse gases by implementing transportation and energy alternatives and by participating in community choice energy agencies
  • Use technology to reclaim and recycle our water, and to use water efficiently
  • Increase the tree canopy

Financially strong city

  • Live within our means
  • Support our businesses to help generate sales tax dollars that help fund quality city services



  • Public Safety -police and fire, water , streets and city services must be maintain at a level that ensures, and can accommodate growth,  without jeopardizing our high standards.

Bus rapid transit (BRT)

  • Mass transit on El Camino needs to improve, but a bus only lane is not the solution.


  • Partner up with the school district whenever to share resources,
  • from open space and park land,
  • to providing affordable preschool and afterschool programs, so that working parents have a safe place for their child to continue their learn and help reduce the achievement gap


  • While composting is good for the environment and to help reduce landfill , I think the implementation of going to biweekly is to quick.
    I would like to reverse the program.
    I would propose that we stay with the weekly pickup and let those who want biweekly to Opt out.
    This would give us time to gather more data , and work out any concerns.
    We should have a phase in period , allowing resident to get use to separating  their food scrapes