Mountain View City Council

Yes! I support John McAlister

                  for City Council

I will contribute  ______$ 99_____$125____$250______$ 500____other

I will volunteer for John's Campaign___________

I will host a fundraiser for John's campaign___________

I will call / email 5 friends to support John's campaign___________

I will put up a lawn sign for John in my yard or business____________

I will add my name to John's public list of endorsements_______________


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Occupation ___________________________________

Phone_________________________________________ Email__________________

Please make check payable to : John McAlister for City Council 2016

mail to : 13251 Franklin Ave Mountain View, CA. 94040

Paid for and authorized by John McAlister for City Council 2016

FPPC ID# 1309928

Contributions are not tax deductible